Hello! Nice to meet you and thanks for showing an interest in easy2trail!

My name is Gianfranco Ortu and I live in Genoa, where I work as a company consultant. I have always been passionate about mountain hiking and I take off to the countryside and the mountains as often as I can.

About five years ago I discovered “speed hiking”: it is not running (I cannot run because I am “bionic”: I have a hip replacement) neither walking. We might say it is fast-paced hiking, with light equipment and poles. I use this technique when participating in trail running races, where I fight hard not to come in last!

The main reason why I created easy2trail.com is because I love hiking and I love discovering new hikes.

I am now collecting the best hikes in the Apennines and in the Alps, creating and publishing individual easy2trail Guides.

I intend to publish as many Guides as I can on easy2trail.com.

The very core of these Guides are the road-books, meant to make it easier for you to experience some real outdoor adventures.

I am trying to reinvent the old-fashioned guidebooks. Fancy finding out what an easy2trail Guide looks like? Check out the “Anello del Lago della Tina” Guide, the very first Guide I created.

You can easily take your Guide with you on the go, by downloading directly it in your smartphone, because it is a PDF file (printable eBook).


Recupero delle forze al Rifugio Garelli