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Each itinerary proposed in this section is detected with GPS tool.

Hiking and Trails

You can download the roadbook by clicking on the icon and the track in gpx format by clicking on the link located under the altimetric profile.


Trail descriptions for the best hikes in Nortwest Italy, just launched in English, publishes digital hiking guides that are useful and on which you can rely on your next hike.
Each Guide come with interactive maps, detailed trail descriptions and all the info you need to plan and enjoy a hike in Northwest Italy.
easy2trail wants to offer you a new proposal for a different outdoor experience:
– easy to use: if you want also with your smartphone.
– designed to respond to your needs: have immediate overview of the basic technical data without having to stop to consult maps and / or guides.
If you do hiking, trekking, trail running, you do NOT have to miss this opportunity!

We are working to publish our Guides in English. It won’t take long, but for the time being you can read those in Italian.

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